Would They Ever Produce Genuine Muscle Cars Again?

If you happen to be in your forties or fifties, most likely your first car was a real American muscle car. Many people all over the United States are trying to find classic muscle cars to restore. The big reason is that not one of the Big Three are making these awesome machines anymore. The big issue is when is somebody planning to make a real muscle car again?

Chevy and Ford continue to release new versions of their renowned Camaro and Mustang every year or two. The issue is that every year these auto producers get away from what a genuine muscle car is and they keep filling them with more and more computer equipment. When is somebody going to produce a muscle car with a 327 and a 4 barrel carburetor for a second time. The depressing truth is we probably will never have one ever again.

Here’s the situation, people are so involved in improving things they overlook what was already perfect. One good example is the 1967 Camaro, which was the most significant muscle cars ever. Though it got many accolades and was quite popular, Chevy stopped producing it. Which also is true of the 1966 Mustang, an amazing car with a great style and they just quit making it.

Here is the odd aspect. Volkswagen recognized the opportunity to reproduce the VW Bug and they did. Even though the the latest Bug sold great they might have sold more if they simply just went back to the old style of Bug. It’s tough to do well if you constantly believe that doing things a new way is always better.

One of the big questions is this. If Chevy thought they would go retro and build a Camaro with a 327 engine and 4 barrel carburetor and left out all the fancy technology, wouldn’t you want one? I’ve actually asked hundreds of people over the years and they all say that they would go out an get one. Why hasn’t this happened? If there is a demand for something that is back-to-basics, can’t the car companies listen?

When will Ford or GM believe that it is a good chance to build cars like the good old days? I think that they turns into hot specialties. But until the big corporations realize that there is a demand for this category of vehicles we are going to be forced to keep looking through the junk yards and rebuilding the classic American muscle cars.

We might get lucky and some day these companies will plan to start making them. As of today, the current leaders simply believe adding new technology will make a better muscle car. It’s my opinion we ought to just go back to how things were.